Art Package 1 – Digital Work


  • Digital Work: Logos, Flyers, Business Cards
  • Maximum Size: 24″ x 24″
  • 300dpi JPEG file, or Vector


Small commission work typically taking one week or less to complete.

Large commission work.  A month or longer completion time. On-site work only.

PACKAGE 1 Digital Work

Media Types:

Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, Webpages, Editing


Mock up w/ Watermark
Available Mediums: JPEG, Vector, PDF,
Maximum Size: Single File or Page
Delivery & Usage: 1 Week, Shared Rights

*Pricing shown for reference only. Project pricing will be determined when details are finalized. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please use the contact page or quote form for more information.


Terms Glossary:


3 Color –  Three specified colors can be used in design or artwork. (includes white, and black)

Digital Copy – Downloadable copy of design work. Copies are made available in JPEG, PNG, PDF formats.

Full Color –  All available spectrum colors can be used in design or artwork. (RGB, and CYMK for digital)

Full Ownership – Grants all rights to client. Completed artwork will not be reprinted or reused without owner’s consent.

Revisions – All changes made to a final design. Does not apply to spelling errors, or color errors (color correction not classified as an error).

Samples – Base work for projects. Generally black and white with minimal details. Not a final copy.

Shared Rights – Completed work will have rights of usage shared with Garifuna Graphics. Your artwork may appear in advertising materials reprinting or reuse in other projects for Garifuna Graphics. Example: Social media post, portfolio work, mock ups.

Touch-up – Enhancements made to photos when adjusting lighting, color, and clarity. Standard touch-ups refer to the applying of common photo filters. Advance touch-ups refer to detailed adjustments in filters, as well as manual image editing and cleanup.

Watermark – Logo and text placed on image or content to show content origin or ownership.


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